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1, To Place_Ad or Comment on Ad you must be a registered User and to do so if you are not yet a registered user click here or go to

NOTE: That the form fields with * are required (meaning they must be filled) and if empty, the form will not submit.

2, As an already registered User or After registration for a new User click here to login or go to

While you has successfully logged in,

  1. Click Ad Management at the top right of the page after (Welcome “Your name”) and you will be redirected to the Ad Management Panel from where you can complete your profile, manage your ADS listings, manage comments on your ADS or manage subscriptions.
  2. Campaigns can only be managed by Sales Representatives or Administrators, So if you click on it you will get page with this: “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.” If you are none of the above mentioned personal.
  3. Click Place Ad at the top right of the page after (Welcome “Your name”) and you will be redirected to the Place Ad Form, where you will select the category and subcategory you wish to Place Ad on then select a payment term for your Ad (scroll through the FEES to see the one that suits your Ad better), For example you can choose the 15 Days Free Listing. To try it out and click the continue button below, then Enter your Ad Details and Contact Person’s Information also note that Item Price is only in NAIRA, agree to the TERMS OF SERVICE and Enter the value of the following sum E.G: 258 + 274* = 532 and click the continue button below, then upload your ad images as many as the plan you choose allow you but know that your image must meet the minimum width of 640 pixels else it will not upload, this image session maybe left empty and click the Preview Ad button below if you don’t have any image for your ad now, then preview your ad if you are ok with it click the Finish button above the ad and if you still want to add image or more images click on Manage Images above the ad or still want to edit ad details click the Edit Details and finalize your Place Ad process.
  4. But if you choose any of the paid plan, For example you can choose any other apart from this 15 Days Free Listing., you need to pay from your credit if there is any or contact us before proceeding with the Ad Placing.


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